Enter your stock and have a Google or Excel sheet suggest an order. View a self-populating order on a separate page, far away from all of the other products you're not ordering. Use cocktail pricing systems that look up the $/oz of each item for you. Cost, price, and maintain inventory control on cases, kegs, wine, and liquor. Use a spreadsheet.


Hit your marks. Let the robot do the work.

Liquor inventory/pricing

Columns created with your personal setup in mind, in an order your brain understands. Predictive ordering based on how much you know you order. Automated pricing based on instantly calculated $/oz of product, sizes you serve, and pour cost targets.

Cocktail costing/pricing

Any shape, size, or design for any number of cocktails or ingredients. Whether all cocktails are the same price, or each is different. Type the name & amount of ingredient used to see the cost per ounce and total in the cocktail. Formatting to turn certain cells "alarm" red or "good job" green at whichever boundaries you see fit.

Beer case & Keg inventory, ordering, and pricing

Take inventory in a way that's intuitive to your brain, and have the robot suggest an order for you based on pars you set for your bar. Cans and bottles are relatively easy, but what of those strange keg sizes and different volumes of glassware in which they're served? We can account for all of that.

wine inventory, ordering, pricing, and info

Track your wine offerings by the glass & bottle, color, region, vintage, and distributor. Order, stock, sell, and educate your staff simply.

order population away from other data

As you decide what to order and what not to order, the items you've chosen will be populated on a separate page. When you're calling it in, or simply reviewing it, it's all in one place. Avoid errors with simplicity.