Q1: Why aren't there more specific "product cost" values?

A1: We're working on it! There will likely be many more specific numbers (still not an infinite amount) in the next major update.

If we add the ability to enter specific numbers, we'd have a spreadsheet, and if your bar program requires that kind of pricing accuracy, a spreadsheet might just be the answer! Feel free to reach out to inquire about that. We think it's okay be to almost perfect, because bartender's pours will never be more accurate than Pour Cost's figures. Previously, the amount by which the pre-assigned numbers would jump was rather arbitrary. We used educated guesses to decide when it was reasonable to change the increment. Now, we used an algorithm to choose increments such that as long as the product cost is over $4, your calculation will never be less than 95% accurate by price. This, of course, does depend on what pour cost figure you've chosen, as those increments are still chosen by our own common sense. However, if you have suggestions as to how we might better approach this, please do email us using the mail button below!