Q6: Why doesn't the product and cocktail storage feature work when not connected to the internet?

A6: This is a tricky one. We could make offline editing possible by storing data on your phone, but what if your phone runs out of storage space, or you drop it in a puddle and haven't backed it up? What if two people signed into the same account are editing in offline mode at the same time only to return to the cloud server with two conflicting sets of data?

We've found that the most elegant solution to all problems is to make cloud storage the only option, as edits would be shared in real time on every reload, and you'd never lose your information when you lost your phone (save for some global-extinction-sized catastrophe that cause all of Amazon's servers to crash).

We're currently looking into making a combination of cloud and phone storage to eliminate all possible woes, so we'll update as soon as we figure that one out!