1. No vacuum sealing can stop time for that first hour. 

2. Vacuum sealing can likely slow the secondary degradation that occurs after one hour.

3. Five hour old orange juice is gross, and fresh orange juice is best.

4. I'll be redoing this in a few weeks with longer time frames to pull from, and I'm going to throw tropicana jug orange juice in the mix. I'm not satisfied yet.

FINAL: Vacuum sealing can delay the worst part of the degradation, maybe, but nothing is as good as that first hour.


-purchased two sacks of oranges from a grocer and kept them all in my home refrigerator at a constant temperature.

-Each hour for five hours, I juiced enough orange juice into a quart container such that post-straining through a Cocktail Kingdom Coco Strainer it weighed 150g on a gram scale. I funneled half these hourly portions into two brand new, washed 187ml champagne splits and Vacu Vin sealed one of them, leaving the other capped but not vacuum sealed. I labeled them with the time, and put them in my refrigerator.

-On the fifth hour, I opened them all, ph tested them, and taste tested them. The results: